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The Breed

The Galloway Cattle Society of New Zealand (Inc). The Galloway Cattle Society of New Zealand is an incorporated Society which aims to promote the use of the Galloway breed within New Zealand and maintain the integrity of the breed. The Society is governed by a council consisting of not less than seven and not more than twelve breeding members who can co-opt up to three additional Council members from the non-breeder membership. The council meets on a regular basis to discuss the Society’s direction and to set policy.

The Society maintains and updates the New Zealand Pedigree Register. It also undertakes national promotion, provides assistance with individual advertising & promotion and assists breeders in breeding matters. The Society publishes a quarterly Gazette to help keep members informed, along with annual updates to the herd book.

clifford calf2

• Cattle with great adaptability to the varying conditions of altitude, topography, climate, nutrition and management.
• Cattle with the resilience to cope with feed shortages and to recover quickly from drought and harsh winter conditions.
• Easy calving cattle.
• Calves that grow rapidly and efficiently on pasture or in a feedlot.
• Dams which are known for their fertility, hardiness and proven ability to get in calf quickly and consistently.
• Dams who are good foragers, with a long life span and constant production.
• Galloway beef that consistently achieves more desirable results in carcass quality determinants such as fat depth, meat colour and pH assuring a tastier and more tender product